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Newton Animal Hospital, in Newton, Kansas, offers sterile surgical procedures performed by skilled veterinarians and monitored by trained veterinary technicians. Spays, neuters, and other common surgeries are approached in the same manner as more complicated procedures.
Surgical procedures are performed from Monday through Friday in the mornings and are done by appointment only. All surgical patients must have a current physical exam that assesses physical condition as well as current vaccination status prior to the surgical appointment.

Pre-Surgical Blood Screening

We highly recommend that all surgery patients have a pre-surgical blood screen. This provides important baseline information about a pet’s health and reveals hidden pre-existing health conditions. Most importantly, this testing allows peace of mind for you. You will know that you are doing everything possible to ensure a positive outcome.

Pain Medication

Because we want your pet to recover as comfortably as possible, the veterinarians prescribe pain medication. Generally, pain medication is given prior to dismissal and may also be sent home to make the recuperation period easier at home.
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Dogs and cats can get plaque and tartar on their teeth just like we do. Because they cannot brush their teeth themselves, they need some help from their owners and veterinary staff to help keep their teeth clean. Therefore, we adhere to a Standard of Care that includes dental care for your pet.
Dental Disease Can Cause Problems for Pets:
  • Bad Breath
  • Tooth Decay
  • Bleeding Gums
  • Tooth and Bone Loss
  • Bacteria that Causes Periodontal Disease Can Enter the Bloodstream and Damage the Heart, Liver, Kidneys, and Lungs

Dental Exam and Treatment

To reduce the risk of these dental-related health issues, we offer a dental exam as part of a pet’s wellness exam. Annual dental exams can help prevent dental disease or determine when professional dental cleaning is necessary. Newton Animal Hospital offers in-house ultrasonic dental cleaning. For their comfort, pets are under anesthesia during the procedure.

Dental Radiology

Pets can have a “toothache” just like humans can. Unfortunately, they can’t tell us when they hurt and often, the pain is hidden. Dental radiology gives us the capability to take dental X-rays, like human dentistry, to better identify problem areas in a pet’s mouth. Sometimes, it is necessary to extract diseased teeth. Our veterinarians can extract the diseased teeth while your pet is anesthetized for a dental cleaning.

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